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Road GURU is a trusted community marketplace for people to discover and book personal driver/guide services for travel around New Zealand. Whether you are a couple looking for luxury, a family looking for relaxation or a group of friends looking for convenience, Road GURU connects people with local drivers and tour guides at any price point, anywhere in New Zealand.


Travel throughout New Zealand in luxury with the best personal chauffeurs and private driver guides!


Badges are a credible resource to help you recognize a driver/guides interests and skills, these can range from driving skills to general knowledge, photography, food and wine.


Road GURU works with a range of strategic partners in New Zealand to provide our driver/guides with opportunities to excel and to ensure our travellers have the best quality experience possible.


With a focus on customer service and a growing network of drivers, Road GURU is the easiest way to monetize your love of New Zealand and share it with passengers from all around the world.

Road GURU || New Zealand Driver Guides || 3/8 Rotherham Street, Christchurch, New Zealand || +64 (03) 595 5307

Road Guru Limited is a registered and New Zealand owned business all prices will be provided in NZD.


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