Badges are a credible resource to help you recognize a GUIDES interests and skills, these can range from driving skills to general knowledge, photography, food and wine. We have exclusive partnerships with well known third party education providers to back these badges up.


Driving Skills ||

A GUIDES driving ability is a key factor in providing customers with an amazing experience as safety is paramount. We have partnered with the National Advanced Driver School to provide our drivers with the professional skills necessary.

New Zealand Knowledge ||

Sharing and Learning about New Zealand is an important part of any GUIDES responsibility to you and your experience. Sharing local stories through history and giving detailed descriptions about the diverse New Zealand landscape are must haves in any Driver Guide. Also, GUIDES have hidden gems up their sleeves that only locals can show you, off the beaten track and hard to find wonderlands that are a gift from them to you.

Languages ||

Not everyone speaks English, we promote GUIDES to speak multiple languages to provide better service to our Non-English speaking friends.


Shopping Locations ||

When you head overseas for a holiday, friends and family always expect presents. The hard part is knowing what and where to buy them, also, not paying an exorbitant price for a good actually made overseas. Buying something that is locally made and special to a place can be a much better gift.

Food & Beverage Recommendations ||

What you eat or feel like eating can have a major influence on your mood, especially when you are in a different country with foreign cuisine. GUIDES that excel in this area are able to recommend the right restaurant at the right time.

Vehicle Cleanliness ||

The vehicle and it’s cleanliness inside and out are your environment for the duration of your holiday, making it a very important factor in your overall happiness.

Personal Presentation ||

A GUIDES presentation is part of their professionalism.

Time Management ||

Turning up on time and having the ability to manage passenger's itinerary as efficiently and effectively as possible is one of the top skills, this could be the difference of feeling rushed the whole time or feeling relaxed. A good guide will make you feel relaxed but also be able to fit in all the locations you hope to see, within reason.

Service ||

These are those cherries on top that make you just want to hug your GUIDE, from opening car doors, helping with luggage or just saying watch your step. It all adds to the customer service that makes a difference.

Photo Skills ||

When your GUIDE can get that perfect shot of you and your family, or that romantic shot of a couple. It can make a huge impact to your memories, of the GUIDE and of your journey. It can add a lot of extra benefit.


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