FAQ ||

What is a Road GURU? ||

Tour Guide, Private Driver, Chauffeur, Driver/Guide, Driver, Guide.

Price ||

The price is made up of the GUIDES Wage, Road Guru Service Fee, Accommodation and Food Allowance, and GST (Goods and Services Tax). It does not include a vehicle and any vehicle related expenses.

Driver/Guide Seasons ||

As in any tourism operation, GUIDES have to deal with high demand for a part of the year and then normal demand for the other months, we split this into a High, Mid and Low seasons to help GUIDES price their time accordingly.

Low = June to August

Mid = September to November, March to May

High = December to February

Payment ||

After a booking request has been approved by a GUIDE, 100% of the payment will be charged to the passenger, this will then be held by Road GURU until pickup day and then transferred to the GUIDE.

Payment Method ||

Road GURU accepts Major Credit Cards, (Visa and Mastercard), WeChat Pay, Alipay, Chinese Bank’s Direct Debit. We use 3rd party payment gateways with the highest level of international security.

Payout Method ||

Road GURU pays GUIDES through an Internet Banking Direct Debit into a New Zealand Bank Account.

Tipping ||

New Zealand’s tipping culture is based around exceptional service, it is not included in any price you are paying and it is not expected. However, it is a kind gesture to show appreciation to your GUIDE for outstanding service, especially if you feel they have gone above and beyond your expectations.

Renting Vehicles Separately ||

When renting a vehicle by yourself, Maximum Insurance Cover will need to be purchased, that is the option with the lowest excess available. If you are looking at renting a vehicle separately, best to discuss this with your GUIDE during the booking request so that they know. Upon confirmation of their service, they can provide you with the details needed to sign them up as a driver.

  • Remember to purchase multiple drivers.
  • When booking, remember to say the driver has a New Zealand Drivers Licence, this can sometimes mean a cheaper daily rate for the rental car.
  • Please note, due to New Zealand law all vehicles driven by a driver/guide must have a current Certificate of Fitness with a Certificate of Loading.

Experience ||

Experience is the amount of days guiding that a GUIDE has completed.

Passenger Licence Verified ||

A P licence is the legal requirement for a Driver/Guide driving a vehicle in NZ for reward. Once they have completed this qualification, they will also receive a Unique Identifier Card that must be displayed in the vehicle. For a GUIDE to register an account in the Road GURU marketplace, they must provide a copy of these licences to be kept on file. We do not display them publicly on the website as the ID forms contain the GUIDES private information, however, we display that the GUIDE has provided Road GURU with proof on the GUIDES profile.

Road GURU holds the TSL for both large and small passenger services (SPSL and LPSL). All driver/guides are able to use the Road GURU TSL or their own TSL if they have one.

Multilingual Pages ||

Some GUIDES speak two or more languages, in this case their page will be displayed in the languages of their potential customers.

Group Size ||

The amount of passengers that the GUIDE can drive. For groups with 12+ passengers please contact Road Guru directly at: enquire@roadguru.nz

Tour Duration ||

This is the minimum to maximum amount of days a GUIDE is available to be hired for.

Vehicle Rules ||

These are the individual rules that a driver will enforce in the vehicle for safety and cleanliness sake.

Outside Home Base Fee ||

If you think a GUIDE is the perfect match for you and your group, but they do not live in the town you are starting and/or finishing your tour in, then the Outside Home Base Fee covers the cost of transport to get to you. Home bases are decided by the GUIDE and if an itinerary starts or finishes outside of the Home base, there is a one-way fee for our GUIDES to get home. If it starts and finishes outside of the Home base, then there is a two-way fee for our GUIDES to get to you and then back home.

Please note: This can be subject to change for bookings made within two months prior to a passengers pick up dates. This is because the GUIDE has to book transport (flights) and accommodation that are subject to dynamic pricing and become more expensive due to demand and time constraints. These factors are outside of the GUIDES control so therefore they need to be compensated accordingly to cover their costs.

Rest Days ||

Sometimes itineraries are longer than the GUIDES are allowed to continuously drive for, please understand that this is for your safety, and in most other jobs we can rest after 5 days and 40 hours. Please see a summary of the law below and a link to the full law also. 

As per New Zealand Law, when driving for reward, GUIDES must adhere to the following regulations:
A driver may not exceed 5.5 hours of continuous work time without taking a rest break.
A driver may not exceed 13 hours of work time in any cumulative work day, and must have at least 10 hours of continuous rest in any cumulative work day.
A driver may not exceed 70 hours of work time in any cumulative work period, and must have at least 24 hours of continuous rest after any cumulative work period.

Cancellation Policy ||

GUIDES are able to choose how strict or easy going their cancellation policies are, please note, this applies only to their time and fee. If you have chosen for them to include a rental vehicle in the price, that rental vehicle will be dealt with as per the rental vehicles terms and conditions.

Strict: Full refund if cancelled 45 days prior to pick up date.
Moderate: Full refund if cancelled 21 days prior to pick up date.
Easy Going: Full refund if cancelled 14 days prior to pick up date.


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