Discover & Book Your New Zealand Group Transport

Road GURU has your large group transport needs covered, with a custom-built quoting system that compares bus and coach services nationwide to provide you with an all-inclusive price. Stay focused on your customer without the hassle of organising multiple components of a tour in different areas and have one point of contact to manage all your transport needs. Road GURU creates one complete transport package by comparing quotes to provide you with the best option at any price point.


Choose the size of coach you require based on the number of passengers in your group.

With our network of suppliers, we are able to provide transport for any group size.

1 to 6 Passengers

7 to 16 Passengers

17 to 100+ Passengers


Choose the quality of coach you require with our clear star rating system. 

This way you can be certain about the quality of bus you will travel in during your journey.


Have a say in the services you actually require, are you just looking to get from point A to B or are you looking for something extra.

  • Special Interest Concierge
  • Bottled Water
  • Airport Greeting
  • VIP or Commercial Access Parking – Airports, Skifields etc.
  • Driver/Guide - Escorts guests to activities, etc.
  • Private Jet Access
  • Security Personal – Can be arranged at extra cost.


Our GUIDES also act as Tour Directors, this is a premium service in addition to your coach service. This way your group can have someone who speaks their language, helps with checking in and out of the hotels, arranges restaurant bookings and provides a customized commentary to suit your group. They focus on you, not the driving.

  • Accommodation Check in and out
  • Special Interest Commentary
  • Luggage Monitoring
  • Restaurant & Activity Suggestions and Bookings
  • Translator/Interpretor
  • Local Friend


Fill out and submit the form below to receive a quote for your large group transport.

Alternatively, email us at and we'll get back to you with some options.

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Please email to complete our Health and Safety, Compliance and Fleet vetting process.


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