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I have been guiding throughout New Zealand for many years, prior to that my first job out of school was working for Godfrey & Ivan Bowen at the Agrodome in 1978. From Northland to Coromandel and most all the way to Queenstown I have guided many passengers. I have also worked for Pacific Tourways, AJ Hackett Bungy, Dart River Adventures, Flexitours, Newmans and Crown Tours. I have spent many years finding places and taking people to those little spots hidden away. Wine & Food, Photography and Golf experiences are my specialty.

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500+ Days Guiding. Learn more

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1 to 11 People. Learn more

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5 to 20 Days. Learn more

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No Smoking, Eating/Drinking or Alcohol in Vehicle. Learn more

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"I have a story of a guy that kept the jump master waiting at the Nevis Bungy jump, when the guy finally jumped the jump master closed the door of the cable car you jump out of and then when they winched the jumper back he was hanging upside down at 200m knocking on the door to get in. The lesson here was to always treat the jump master with respect."

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