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Bradley Meredith || 麦凯平

Bradley is a young New Zealander with a passion for all things Kiwi and Chinese. Hailing from Taranaki in the North Island, he has also spent many years in Christchurch. A large chunk of his childhood was spent in China which gives him a unique perspective on Chinese people, land, and culture, making him a stellar choice for connecting Chinese and Kiwis on tour. Bradley also has great Mandarin skills which he showcased when he competed in the 14th Chinese Bridge Competition and won the overall prize, establishing himself as the 2015 world champion.

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Low Season || $746 NZD per day

Mid Season || $779 NZD per day

High Season || $812 NZD per day

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20+ Days Guiding. Learn more

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Mandarin Chinese

Group Size ||

2 to 11 People. Learn more

Tour Duration ||

1 to 5 Days. Learn more

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No Smoking in Vehicle. Learn more

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$250 NZD per day. Learn more

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Easy Going: Full refund if cancelled 14 days prior to pick up date. Learn more

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Favourite GUIDE Story ||

"My favourite guiding story happened in the North Island near Paihia when we were touring with a lovely Chinese family. In the spirit of our newly developed friendship we all agreed to cook dinner for each other one night. The family enjoyed trying our Kiwi style pipi and mussels and we were delighted try some of their spicy Chongqing food. It was a great evening which helped set the tone for the rest of the trip!"

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