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Daniella Ferrier ||

I am an international kiwi who has a huge love for travel, culture and dance. I am very passionate about NZ flora and fauna and have been a hiking guide in the mountains for 3 years now. I am a huge ‘foodie’ and ‘wine-o’ who can show you some epic local cuisine while telling you about our lakes and rivers. I also speak French, German and Spanish so if you're not too comfortable with English then I’m happy to help!

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75+ Days Guiding. Learn more

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1 to 11 People. Learn more

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5 to 19 Days. Learn more

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No Smoking or Alcohol in Vehicle. Learn more

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"I was with a client in Mt. Aspiring National Park staying in a DOC hut and he didn’t want to sleep in a communal room because he was self conscious about his snoring but it was going to drop below zero degrees so I told him it would be too cold in his tent. He ended up sleeping inside and the next morning this lovely old kiwi guy came up to him in a loving tone and said ‘Boy, you really shook the house last night!’ My client was red with embarrassment but then started laughing outrageously and said ‘yup, never know what you’ll get when you stay in a communal room!!’ All in good nature and everyone had a good laugh! "

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