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Lisa Sun || 孙晓桐

If life was a movie, for the first 20 years I was the actor, after moving to New Zealand I became the Director. I started following my passion for photography, and having the most beautiful scenery in New Zealand to practice on, I methodically mapped New Zealand picture by picture. Travel has the ability to change your life, as I experienced first-hand, giving you time to think and explore your passions, I want to pass this on to others.

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100+ Days Guiding. Learn more

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Mandarin Chinese


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2 to 11 People. Learn more

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4+ Days. Learn more

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No Smoking in Vehicle. Learn more

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"As photography is my passion, most of my favourite guiding stories come from getting customers up early, when they are groggy eyed and taking them to somewhere like Lake Matheson or Okarito Lagoon for some stunning photos. But the deepest memory for me is when I took over a large bus tour as a favour for a friend, it was the middle of Chinese New Year and a little unorganized when I arrived on the scene, the previous guide got abused so badly he left on the first day. The tour was one of my biggest learning experiences as I went into it wanting one thing only, to make the tour a success and go the extra mile for the customers, I spent mornings and nights in hotels shifting mattresses back and forth so the males did not have to sleep together, I took them to stores where the products were the best, not the most expensive, I tried my best to give them an experience mostly reserved for small groups, it was one of my most rewarding guiding memories and I still meet with the customers each time I am back in China."

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