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Born in Italy, raised in Papua New Guinea (I speak Pidgin English fluently too!) and now been living in Christchurch for over 12 years and have been a driver/guide for 4 years for a private touring company. I specialize in the South Island golfing tours, sightseeing off the beaten track as well as tourist important hot spots. I am fluent in Italian and French while my Spanish and German are conversational only (need to practice more!). I enjoy meeting people and showing off this great part of NZ.

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200+ Days Guiding. Learn more

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1 to 40 People. Learn more

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3 to 14 Days. Learn more

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No Smoking, Eating/Drinking or Alcohol in Vehicle. Learn more

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"Taking clients through a forest and then over sand dunes and then into swampland - the amazement of the diversity of flora and scenery within a 25 minute walk...."

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