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Richard's family came to New Zealand's South Island in 1870 as pioneer farmers, he also grew up on his families hill country farm. Richard is an outdoors person and a great option for anyone looking for a tour with a local who enjoys showing visitors his own back yard. Come and see our wonderful country with him and don't worry, he's not going to bore you with facts & figures!. Richard has been a freelance Driver/Guide for the past 10+ years starting or finishing tours in any part of New Zealand both on his own account and for other travel organisations. Prior to this he ran his own transport tour company for 14 years, based in Christchurch, operating a small fleet of well appointed vehicles looking after visitors from couples to families, small private groups, school groups, travel film/media crews, VIP's/Diplomats to name a few all visiting our country. Richard's comfortable touring anyone, making sure they have a wonderful holiday.

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999+ Days Guiding. Learn more

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1 to 11 People. Learn more

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3 to 14+ Days. Learn more

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No Smoking, Eating/Drinking, Alcohol or Drugs in Vehicle. Learn more

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"One of the more memorable moments was when I was parked on the tarmac at Christchurch Airport on a stinking hot day waiting to collect some passengers off the USA's Air Force 2 Jet. Keeping the air-con running so the car would be cool, I drove up to the ramp to pick up the guests and loaded the vehicle but when I went to start the car the battery had gone flat! Airforce crew ended up having to give a push to crash start! (They said it happens all the time!)"

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