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Roger and Gail have been married for 43 years and hail from Invercargill in the deep south of New Zealand.
A professional couple, they moved to Christchurch with their family in 1985. Roger a keen sports person has represented both Southland and Canterbury in both Indoor Basketball and Softball with the latter culminating in a stint playing for a Budweiser sponsored team in Prescott, Arizona.
They are both keen outdoor folk who enjoy sharing that knowledge with visitors to the land of the long white cloud.

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"We were in New Zealand for over three weeks and spent the last five days with Roger and Gail as our guides in Christchurch, Oamaru, Lake Tekapo and Kaikoura. They gave us the most memorable days of our trip. Every inch of New Zealand offers beauty, geology, history, and things to do. Roger and Gail added a personal touch by being just the right level of professional, knowledgeable, friendly, accommodating and spontaneous. They took care of everything, all we had to do was have fun."

Jim & Joyce || United States || April 2018

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"My first introduction to the Driver/Guide industry was when I guided an American couple on a nine-day Golf Tour of the North Island, playing some of New Zealand’s most prestigious International Courses, which also incorporated visiting some of New Zealand’s finest tourist attractions.
We had enjoyed a week together getting to know each other better and better by the day. It was on day 8, while we were travelling from Lake Taupo through to Auckland via the Waitomo Glowworm Caves that I made a slight detour, unintended at the time, but due to the day being foggy and wet as we left the caves I turned the wrong way. At the time I was following a GPS to show me where the intersections were in the fog for safety, the GPS took the liberty of making an automatic route recalculation, which I didn’t pick up on initially. The route change added another 2 hours to the trip (embarrassingly) taking in farmland, forests and lakes that even I hadn’t seen before. The clients, rather than being disappointed, were absolutely blown away and thanked me immensely for showing them parts of NZ that arguably most visitors would never see. All in all, a happy ending and a new route for me to show off."

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